Shame: All Year Biker


I went to Colin at Chingford late last year to get my (2nd) treatment done. Absolutely fantastic guy and does an excellent job taking care of my bike, my grudge however is with all year biker themselves. 

They have still not given Colin any certificates that are usually handed out with every ACF treatment. I emailed them three times and “tweeted” them, all to no results so I feel like being ignored completely.

So if you’re going to an AYB franchise please check ahead if they have certificates, provided they mean anything to you.


Have you still got your 20m breakstroke badges?  :wink:  


Fixed and :joy::joy:


Why do you need a certificate for a mo’cycle wash?


To help justify the cost?


The certificate is useful when it comes to selling the motorcycle. Just like servicing documents and receipts.


Good point.


Now there’s a thing, but is it a real thing in real life?

If you gave it a little more thought you’d not rank those service book stamps so highly. I expect a certificate for having you’re mo’cycle washed should pretty falls into the same re-cycling bin league, strictly for the naive.


“I’ve had it washed regularly by a professional”

“so I see, it’s in really good condition”


“look at all these cleaning certificates”

“so what? your brake pads are down to the metal and the front bearing is fucked”


The truths been outed


As in, you want me to buy a bike that’s been ridden in winter


That too


No need to complicate this topic by making wild assumptions. The reason for my shame is pretty clear: AYB didn’t provide a certificate for the job being done, they ignored my attempts to contact them, Colin (a franchisee) is pissed that he has to apologise to every customer for not giving a certificate because he’s not receiving them and I will just have to tell the next owner to trust me when i say the bike was protected for this period.

This isn’t a zero sum equation, yes, providing little bits of paper next to a badly worn motorcycle is stupid. But I like to demonstrate to the next owner that i cared for the motorcycle by providing paperwork and obviously a well presented and maintained bike, hardly unreasonable for me to demand the same service i got last year…


Again, good points made CBR500R dude.


We understood the Shame, we didn’t understand the why you need a certificate for a mo’cycle wash.

Still don’t, my reasoning is that a well maintained and cared for mo’cycle can only be presented as such if in fact it is. The impression I get is that your mo’cycle probably is and as such, when the time comes, will probably sell itself. That is regardless of any certificates, receipts or stamps in the service book etc.


Those more familiar with motorbike mechanics and looking at bikes, do not take notice of certificates. However those who are not so aware may take it into consideration.

To use your above example.

A well looked after bike
Vs a well looked after bike with evidence of trying to protect it from winter corrosion

It’s a bit like take photos of servicing. Rather than taking the owners word that he looked after it, there is some evidence.

Edit: I don’t know much about ayb, but don’t they do a proper coating with acf50?


As it happens I am getting mine done tomorrow…should I ask for a discount if I don’t get a certificate?   :slight_smile:


I’m feeling guilty now, might have to go check the corrosion on the 250.


Here you go mate.



Who are these people who will not accept a receipt but need a certificate?

And what sort of security measures must these certificates have that people, who apparently think a receipt is not proof enough, will be satisfied that the certificate is genuine?

Do these people want certificates for other maintenance tasks too, or is this the only thing they care about enough to warrant needing a certificate?

People are strange.