Shame: 2B's motorcycles selling clocked bikes

A couple years ago I had the missfortune of purchasing a clocked bike from them in North London.

Beware they are also a breakers so have all the resources to rebuild high mileage bikes. You have been warned.

i would restrict your parise or shame to recent events mate…

2 years is a long time ago…

im not saying your bike wasnt clocked but there could be a different owner or management there now…

or even that they have cleaned up there act.

i would also provide some evidence to suport your claims…

im surprised the moderation team have not been on this as they were in a famous LB thread concerning a mobile mechanic from ruslip…

I’ll support his claims - I bought from them and have regretted it ever since.

Dodgy Dodgy DODGE!

I have to say as breakers they are pretty unhelpful:doze:

Strangely enough I called them after being made aware of them in this post (I needed new handlebars for the Bandit, and it’s not too far from me)
This is how the call went:
BB: Yeah
Me: wondering if you can help - do you have any bars for a 1998 Bandit ?
BB: No
Me: OK, thanks anyway
BB: uh (click)

Their customer service manner leaves a bit to be desired !

yup they are! i phoned them about a s/h disc for the sv, they told me they had several, went down there…oops they havent got even one disc.

wasnt impressed and yes it did look a bit dodgy down there.

i go through,on the net now.

I used to live about 5 minutes from them and paid them visits on occassion.

Wouldn’t buy a bike from them, and would only get parts there if I was desperate.

Telephone manner is variable from very poor to average.

Think they got done by Haringey council for dumping oil a few years back too.