Shakey on a Camel Honda for next 2 rounds

Hope he does well and gets signed by a good moto gp team next season.

Yep, brilliant news, eh! The first time a British rider has had a factory ride since Barry Sheene was racing! I’ll be egging him on, though I only hope he can manage to stay on the bike for more than one lap!

lol, yea Jay but the KTM was just absolute rubbish. I’m sure he will do better next season, we shall soon see… All the best for him anyway!!


Would be good to see him out there on some decent machinery. If he can get a couple of decent finishes it should stand him in a good position for a decent ride next season. Pressure on, but I am sure he can cope.

Shame he has got b*****er all testing time to get used to the bike, Firday morning warmup looks like it will be the intro…still you have to make the most of what chances you get - e.g. Shakey getting a wildcard ride at Brands WSB. Success at that led to MotoGP, HRC are looking for new riders to try and end the humiliation of Vale’s domination, Verminuelen is up for the last 3 races after Shakey’s pair - looks like the winner between them may well get Troy’s seat.

The quality of the game is too high, as much as I like Shakey, I fear he’ll be at best, playing with the Suzuki’s. Vale, Caparossi, Sete and Melandri are all exceptional riders, far better than the middle-weight guys we know and love.

Well, lets hope he doesnt read these boards then !

As it is the Camel team, the bikes are not quite the same spec as Repsol or Telefonica, so he would not be expected to finish above them, one Yam [#46] Hopper or Capi, so eigth would be “like” a win ?

I appreciate what you are saying, I just hope you are wrong !

Any mad patriotic gamblers fancy spanking the bookies - he is 50-1 here :

each way is available for bottle-less wimps . . . . :wink:

Hey, I hope I’m wrong too, I would like nothing more than to be cheering on Shakey this Sunday, with him fighting for a top-ten finish. A top-five would be the dream, but I think top-ten is realistically what he’s going to be aiming for.

Go Shakey!!!