SF style Headlight unit/fairing

Hey all

i’m looking at getting a streetfighter style headlight unit, one of the ones with small fairing, kinda like the off-raod/SM ones.

can anyone recommend one>? any ideas on wiring>? ie will it wire up to my stock electrics that are still in place on the bike, wil it effect anything else electrical wise?
its to go on my SV1000S whiel my front fairign is being sorted, so its only a temp measure.

or would it be easier to fit just a headlight?

bike currently looks liek this at the front…any ideas what to do?

would i get away with no headlight if only used in daytime>? is it illegal?






I have one in me garage if you want it rats…i’ll dig it out in a bit and post a pic up for ya:)


Ta Waspy!:wink:

superduke front??

stop giving me ideas!!!:w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::smiley:

Sup Rats, I put one on a fighter, looks pretty cool

But I prefer the duke, only problem with that is that they want about £300 for the plastic, light and bracket.

What about a new top yoke and some renthals?

easy tel!

im still toying with what to do, might be easier for me to put it back to what it was??

dunno if straight bars will suit my riding to be honest?

I’m sure you can still KD with crosser bars. But its all about the stance right? You know if you need any help with anything…

I reckon it’ll look pretty trick with a smaller headlight fairing and keeping the clip-ons. Cheaper fix.

Working on a Barry Sheene tribute at the minute, fu©king about with modeling foam and fibreglass. Gonna do a mini fairing with a single mini spot and clip-ons.