Sexy Limited Edition 2009 Honda CBR600RR

Hubba hubba, check this baby and it’s cousins out!

Taken from our latest 2009 Honda Photo Gallery:

  • 2009 Honda Fireblade & CBR600RR’s

LOL - they do a car to match that 600…

first one is trying to be a konica minolta rip off and doing a bit of a poor job at it i think. so glad i had the plain black definatly looked the best.

I do like the Black and Green one, very nice :slight_smile:

They’re trying to rip of Kawasaki but being Honda they can’t even do that properly ;):smiley:

That is one sexy looking blade

with regards to the blue scheme…they would have been better off bringing in the Konica Minolta Rep and USA Graffitti Edition…both of which look better i think.

the new black and red is nice though.

The white, black and blue looks the mutts.


So… Jay is thinking of turning to the darkside. About time laddy!

Sorry people it looks like a 7 year old has got their grubby mits on photoshop.

Not liking the colour schemes at all.

I am not a fan, sorry but :sick:

yours :stuck_out_tongue:

Face it, there sexy bikes!:wink:

cant see one;)