Sexy Biker Chicks Bearing All For your Pleasure!!!

Hey there,

Im neither a biker chick nor willing to bear all for your pleasure BUT i bet you all spotted this tasty looking post!!! :wink:

Im David and im bf of Tiggi. I’ve been riding about a year on Superbikes and currently ride a CBR600F. I love it. Taken it on Tracks a couple of times and it’s really great to ride although that doesnt mean i havent got my eye on the black R6, Triumph 675 or the CBR600RR in Hanspree colours!! :wink:

Use to commute on it for 80 miles each way until i moved closer to work.

Love going out on rides here and there and met a few of the forum members at the Ace cafe on friday where we spent the next 4 hours riding about London :slight_smile:

Anyway, probably see most of you about.


Hey there stranger :wink:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

hello mate.

Good post! lol Welcome!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Dave

Welcome to the forum, hope to catch up again :wink:

Hi and welcome aboard.

What a nice post, hi.

Well you caught my eye:D

Hello and welcome to you both:)

funny post which makes a change, so hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB Dave, do you work in marketing?!? :wink:

Dave - you’re such a tease!

Tiggi - does he often masquerade as a woman? I think we should be told.

Hello, Welcome to our world! :smiley:

Hi there and welcome to LB

Only on staurdays Martin :stuck_out_tongue:

And how good the tips are!!! :slight_smile:


hello and welcome to LB:)