sex change



FFS!!! First time I’ve ever been glad that the picture wasn’t clear

Dude should’ve bought a bike…that’s a mid-life crisis if I ever saw one

Think that bloke was in a butchers apron

Thats hot
i love transsexuals

OMG. That looked painful jeas!

Both me and my partner have had surgery. Not FFS but I’ve have Breast Aug and GRS and she has had GRS.

For the iliiterate agmonst us, we are both MtoF and GRS is Gender Reassignment Surgery.

Our Virago’s feel (vibrate) better since the Op.

sometimes its good NOT to share

And what planet you from this week Rodney !!

You got ur mother in a whirl, cause she’s not sure if ur a boy or a girl. Rebel rebel u tore ur dress, rebel rebel ur face is a mess

gag me with a spoon!!!

urgin smiled.

Ill agree on that!

Some times its good to say ‘no’ to that last pint on a session! lol