Severe Weather

Just in case anyone’s not got access to immediate Weather Forecasts - there are warnings of severe weather in London at around ‘commuting’ time this evening; extremely high winds and very, very heavy rain.

Take care, one and all.

Glad im home and the bike is wrapped up all ready :smiley:

You said it! It was bad enough on Putney Bridge this morning!

Gonna wear my wipers out at this rate :w00t:

glad i washed the frickin bike last night :crazy:

Drove the car in for the first time in donkeys and glad I did. Saw one van on it’s side, I’m guessing from the wind; lots of debris on the road and deep water in places on the drive in from Kent.

Back from a few weeks in the Miami and Florida Keys sun only this Sunday - wish I had stayed.:sick:

Having been in the rain this morning and this evening the result is:

The morning was worse, heavier rains and more gusts.

Stuff mildy moist for going home. Stupid none Gore-tex membranes are all a waste of time. Unless it says Gore-Tex it ain’t waterproof.

Smug get…


my bike hasnt been out since last tuesdays last awful weather…:slight_smile:

Cheers Mike, good job i had to come home early today.