Seven wheels were never enough

Bought this, picked it up today:

is that the new v max:D

nice looking model of a 9F on ‘0’ gauge track

How much hp? :smiley:

Close, Ginge, but no cigar. It’s a 9F alright, but Aster Gauge 1 live steam :slight_smile:

I have an ISA paying close to sod-all while inflation is 3%, so I suddenly had the idea that these beauties were a better bet in the long term and much more fun.

As for horsepower, Kev, you raise an interesting point - with my leet electronics skillz (haha), I’m already thinking of building a dyno car. These things have a lot of grunt for their size. 60 psi boiler pressure and great engineering, very impressive in action.

Think it’s more Harley, Tug, masses of torque at 0 revs.

Edit: I should add that I’ve bought a kit (West Country), with another to come (5MT), and that another built loco is waiting, should get it in the next couple of weeks. If common sense prevails, that should be enough inflation-busting. Here’s the next one -

A3 Pacific?

Yes indeed! On this one, Aster have replicated the original Gresley/Holcroft conjugated valve-gear. It runs beautifully, lovely 3 cylinder beat. Only 100 of these kits were made, in 2002, and they’re rather sought-after. I imagine the builder and original owner has more than doubled his money on this one, and frankly I don’t mind coughing up his price. It’s gorgeous.