Setting up a website question?

How easy is it to set up your own website. Do you have to pay anything, it would be to promote my wife’s business so would have to find a suitable name/address, do you have to register etc. Are there guys/gals out there that create them and again if so what sort of cost.

any advice greatly received!!

Hey lucky13! You will need to buy a domain, I use it cost from 8 quid to 25quid ish, just go there and type the name you fancy in the little window on the top right. After that you will need to get the website actually designed and the complexity of it will depend on how much you will need to interact with your user. You will need to rent a server to host it for you, it will cost you from around 30quid a year but can be very hairy if the site get big or need loads of bandwith. The best thing is to pay someone to do the site for you and he/she will sort it all out!

Hope it was of any help! I’m sure that there are boys here with much more to tell you! are one of the cheapest if not the cheapest people to register domain names, they are linked to host europe/webfusion who do pretty straightforward hosting packages. I have used them both, they are decent enough, good for beginners and very big in the industry

There are loads of hosting providers (I’m with i-power) and most seem to offer a kind of DIY web-building package, which can provide easy, good but basic sites. Start with that sort of thing, unless you’ve plenty of spare time, some web-knowledge and plenty of patience.

A good domain name is vital, not too long (people won’t type it in) and buy up all the similar names too in case people spell it wrong or use the wrong .com or etc.

Once you have a web-presence, then build / have built for you another flasher site that’ll take over.

As everyone said,

  • register your domain name, it’s worth getting both and .com if you can.

  • get some webspace with a hosting company (both of these will only cost a fairly small amount per year for a small site).

  • if you’ve got a bit of time you can have a crack at building a site, there is so much info on the web to help beginners do this

  • or you can get a site professionally designed and built for anything from a few hundred quid upwards, depending on what you want.

Check my site,

I do design and implementation on the side. If you give me a brief on what exactly you want on your site. I can knock up some ideas.

I can advise on the registering of the domain name and the purchase of a hosting package depending on what you need it to do.

email me any queries

[email protected]

Hi there
i think has a 6 month free offer and than its £10 a month the are very good use them myself


Personally I use

They run a cheap reg service which you can add bolt on services to, i.e. SQL etc.

As for design, it tends to take quite some time, especially if you are new to it. Look at for a helping hand.

Hope that helps.

WHAT A TEAM… thanks guys. There does seem a bit to do. I will probably enlist the services/help of someone to set this up as it will need to be a professional corporate style of site appealing to both individual and companies alike. Still at the acorn stage at the minute so researching web name/ company name etc then once that is sorted it will be easier to proceed around that. Thanks again, it seems daft to have to ask but its good to have such a helpful crew.


uk2 have a brainstorm thingy that will see what’s avail with the keywords you put in.