set valve on gsxr 1000 k6

Will removing the set valve with a after marcket exhaust reduce in losing the low down torque.Or what ar the gains in removing standard exhaust can any one help

Did I get a hundred different answers on that one . . .

Suzuki do a road legal Yoshimura can that keeps it, one that doesnt and a full system that will probably get you banned from some trackdays and may well be so loud it slows you down far more than the theoretical 3bhp advantage . . .

I got mine fitted with the valveless Yoshi slip on, set up with a Yoshi box not a Powercommander and it is fine, no aparent loss or holes in the delivery. Steve Jordan MC’s has a new shiny box that allegedly sets up Suzuki fuelling better than Yoshi boxes or Powercommanders. I will probably get him to redo it sometime with this, my unused PC111 is for sale . . .

Thanks for the advice but did you notice any gains with the new exhaust? Thanks

Here’s the details for my K5 1000:

Stock: 162bhp
Stage 1 tune: 171bhp

That’s with a Racefit ‘Mega’ exhaust, BMC race air filter, 520 chain convo, Power Commander and a custom map by Crescent Suzuki. A very good increase I’d say!

You won’t lose anything if you get a good map done.