My bike was due a service so instead of paying Suzuki too much money to do it I downloaded the manual and gave it a go.

The jobs I did were:

Oil and filter change

Cleaned and oiled air filter

New plugs

Clean, adjust and lube chain

New front pads

Re-fitted front wheel after having new tyre fitted

And a wash for good measure

I took it for a spin to fill up and check the tyre pressures and I can’t believe the difference! It starts by breathing on the starter, idles smoothly and is a lot louder, not to mention sharper acceleration.

I thought it could have been psychological but even the mrs noticed the volume as I came down the road. Is it possible to make that much difference from new plugs and a clean air filter? The plugs are a like for like replacement and the old ones have done no more miles than they should have. The filter wasn’t very dirty either?

All in all I am really chuffed with the result, I work in IT so after downloading the service manual I was in foreign waters. I was half expecting to be booking the bike into West London Suzuki this morning to get my bodge jobs rectified-that’s if I was out of A&E in time

Well done mate

I’ve always been an advocate of getting a manual and a set of spanners once your warranty had expired.

Gives you a great feeling of satisfaction, saves you a bundle and you know it’s been done right

A new air filter can sometimes make your bike sound and feel different. It’s amazing how clogged they get.