How much is servicing nowadays…I think i’m due a service but not sure of the levels and prices etc.

The bike had it’s last major service in November I believe

I got quoted £80 for oil, oil filter & air filter and a check over of the bike including any adjustments that need to be made - only started riding it yesterday though so Im gonna let the experts do the 1st oil change on it and check it all over for me so I know its all cool

Thats not bad…where is that??

all depends on where you live to who we can recomend you go too mate. where do you live???

I use D&H in Dartford so probably a bit too far for you to go - have you had a look in the praise/shame section? Might be someone in there thats been recommended whose a bit closer

Most places will charge anything from £35 an hour upwards for labour. It depends what your bike is but doing it myself on the CBR using Honda parts it costs about £25 for oil, £5-10 for oil filter and £20-25 for air filter. Add an hour’s work at least and there’s your £80, so it sounds extremely good to me.

I’m in Ashford, Middlesex.