Servicing South London

Hi Guys, My Tiger 800 needs an interim service somewhere in south london.

Any recommendations? Carl Rosner booked up until the 25th which will be too late as I’m riding up to Wales the weekend before. I’m thinking Dobles but they get mixed reviews for servicing?

Am I missing a trick?


I use this guy when im over that way he is in Wandsworth

Fabrice Gregoire (Motard)

07971 821136

I’ve recently been using H78 for my servicing, including making sure everything was working nicely before I went to France and Belgium. They’ve just relocated to share space with OMC, if that’s convenient for you?

I use this guy when im over that way he is in Wandsworth
Fabrice Gregoire (Motard)
07971 821136
That might be handy for me since I'm in Wandsworth. I used Mac Motors in Tooting before for some work and I wasn't exactly blown away with the customer service. 


Thanks guys… looking at the service schedule it just needs an oil change and apparently this is something we can do while on hols!

Wish me luck :stuck_out_tongue:


I have used Frank Dunstall in Elmers End and Stoppies in Hackbridge, and was happy with both.

I’ve used Motorcycle Surgery in Streatham for years. Dunstan, the mechanic, is a top bloke and doesn’t do things that aren’t required.

Mac Motors Tooting.

Bringing this thread back,

I’m looking to install an alarm on my bike and eventually do check up. Would you suggest FWR might do for me or it’s best for changing my tires and should rely on motorcycle surgery for overall service?

I have been using FWR for 10+yrs for more than just tyres so I would def consider them.

But I haven’t used them since the separation from Twotyres or Matt

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Just gave a call to few of them and FWR by far gave me the best customer support on the phone. I very liked how Macs/Max (?) talked me through fitting an alarm and tires to put on. I might think of going there and talk to them in person.