Servicing.... Again.

Hi all… been a member for a while but don’t often have a chance to post on here so I hope you’ll forgive me.

Done a search and read loads of threads about servicing which have, to be honest, left me with more questions than answers… I’m hoping you guys can help.

Essentially, it’s the age old question. Where can I get my bike serviced? I have a 2007 ZX10R and I missed the 4k mile service almost 1000 miles ago… :w00t: I figure I may as well get the major 7.5k service done which involves changing all the fluids, filters, and plugs.

I did book it in a few days ago into the only Kawasaki dealer in the area… HGB in Ruislip but both the price and threads I’ve read have kinda put me off. I’m now provisionally booked into FWR for next week but I’m really after a decent mechanic who can do the work and be left alone to complete every ‘little’ task on that service schedule.

So guys… any decent dealership, independent, or even mobile mechanic you guys can think of… let me know. I will travel… for the right person… and it doesn’t necessarily have to be the cheapest place (although bonus points for that).

Over to you… :smiley:

PS - i am looking to fit some other bits too…

Do you need an MOT at the end of it? If not, my dad’s garage may be of interest…

EDIT: Not because the work won’t pass an MOT, put it’s not an MOT garage!

Nope… MOT not required… still under 3 years old… :smiley:

Are you vouching for your dad’s work… :stuck_out_tongue:

PM me his details and info etc… Cheers mate. :satisfied:

Well… received a couple of suggestions. Thank you to those that PM’d. Anyone else with recommendations?

I guess you must be fairly near to me if you were going to HGB in Ruislip (who I only buy parts from!)

I always book mine into APC / Swallows on the Eastcote Lane:

APC Motor Services
314 Eastcote Lane
020 84233122


Yep, HGB are bloody expensive - APC / Swallow Motors are great.

Going there tomoz for my MOT (I live in Windsor North AKA Sluff), so it’s not the nearest to me by a long way, but Andy is a good bloke… I actually do all my own servicing, but Jools used to go there before I knew her and recommended him highly.

if it’s out of warrenty , dont be a tart do it yourself …filters / plugs /oil etc is not difficult , just common sense …

oh and why is a 2007 bike only showing 5000 miles …get out more :smiley:


download and read this … :smiley:

Lol easy Keith x

Dude I have the same bike as you! (YAAAAY! :slight_smile: ) :Wow:

For the first few services, I gave he to Lloyd Cooper in Watford. Sometimes a slightly clinical service, but for me they did a good job and offered a hire bike. For me the mechanicals is what counts.

Since the third service, I have done it myself and she has now happily done just over 22,000 :wink:

I am going to be rebuilding her shortly and making her into a Guy Sanders rep :smiley:

Thanks guys… I appreciate the sentiments. The bike being (relatively) new, I wanted to get a couple of stamps in the book. Looks good come resale time (which won’t be anytime soon lol). I’m not afraid of working on the bike, it’s just that once in a while I’d like a ‘professional’ to look at it. The bike had it’s first ‘freebie’ service from the dealer, D&K, but its just too far to go for another service so I need someone local.

The other problem is that I don’t have any ‘biker’ mates who are competent enough that I’d trust them with this missile. Cars on the other hand… no probs. My Subaru is stripped almost every fortnight :smiley:

i have only ever taken my bike to dealer twice in 38 years of bikes and they messed it up both times so f**k them …they had their chance …ever since then i have done it myself …to be honest if all you want is to have a history then keep all the recipets for everything you have done and write mileage on them , i much prefer to see that than a dealer stamp which can easily be faked … in fact all too easy :slight_smile:

a friend of mine who has a brandnew blade had a recall the other day for a new clutch and we spent saturday afternoon putting the fairing panels back properly , and that was a honda main dealer …

as a peasy … :smiley: x

Well after all the recommendations… I finally went with Southern Cross in Kilburn. All I can say is… very impressive. :smiley: The guys spent the best part of the day fitting my braided hoses, shorter front sprocket, and a speedo healer (as well as my 7.5K service) and had no problems with me ‘loitering’ around the workshop.

The speedo healer was more a pain in the a**e than I realised and I didn’t expect them to calibrate the unit but the guys dealt with everything in their stride as well as using their on-site rolling road to setup the speedo with the new sprocket.

Highly recommended and definitely worth visiting. :slight_smile: