my bike is due its 36,000mile service, i spoke to my usual garage and they’ve told me that the 36000 is the same as the 4,000 mile service (chain adjustment and other simple things). The garage want to charge about 110 quid.

The bike has all the stamps in the book so far and i only put it in for its major 32000 a few months ago. I could do the 4000 mile one myself but obviously there will be no stamp in the book.

Does anyone else do their own servicing and what do they put in the book? Is it likely to affect the chances of selling it on as it wont have a full garaged service history as such?

Not having the stamp in the book effects the vaule of the bike. It will reduce it. However, it all depends on how long you are going to keep the bike or plan on selling it, how old the bike is… etc:)

the bike is a CBR600f 2004 model with now 36000 on the clock and generally does about 450miles a monthim not sure when i’ll sell it as i may keep it once ive paid it off and use it for track days but i wont know whether i’ll do this or not until another 2 more years have passed