service kits

where does everyone get their service kits bits from please?.

im looking for one for a honda sh300.

there is a few on ebay but i already have the oil, just looking for the other bits.

i was quoted £75 for my 600 mile running in oil change service, but i have the oil, and should i just get them to sort the rest out or should i also get the other bits what’s needed so they can just knock off all those extra charges and just pay labour?.


The first service is an oil and filter change, go over nuts, bolts, fasteners, lube/tighten chain, adjust clutch cable if needed. In short, an oil change and a once over of the bike.

will it not effect your warranty if you diy

To preserve the warranty it certainly needs a dealer stamp. Either manufacturer franchised or qualifies/VAT registered independent. (EU ruling.)

Do anything else, you’re on your own if there is future warranty claim.

Your choice.