Service interval for a Vespa 125 LX

I was wondering what the service interval was Vespa 125 LX, its a 57 plate. I have had the 500 mile service done, my speedo cable then got loose after around 3000km for a year and had the bike service about a year ago. I had the speedo cable fixed and now the milage is approx. 8700km.

I have no idea what the real milage is and was wondering what is involved with scooters and servicing. I know about bikes and when their service intervals are but have no idea what is needed for a scooter.

Do they have the need for valve clearance and other such interval adjustments or is it just oil filter and plugs all the way? :smiley:

Scheduled services are at 1000km, 3000km, 6000km, 12000km and then every 6k km. Brake fluid change at 2 years… more info at

My Lx125 is 6 years old and I just service it annually…never given me any problems…

Thanks for the info fella! :smiley:

So…you service it annually and the service intervals are 3000kilometres.

Well no wonder it doesn’t give you any trouble - you never bloody use it!

Get on that scooter now and RIDE! :wink:

(My scoot’s intervals are 5000km and so with my mileage I have to get it serviced every 3months :frowning: )

I’ve got a bike too so never do more than 4500km a year on the scooter…I wish I had more time to ride for fun (and if I did I’d do it on the big bike). One day I’ll decide to sell my scooter and some lucky soul will walk away with a total bargain - tip-top condition as it’s garaged at home and at work and has never spent a night outside…

Is there are recommended scooter service guy or gal on here and how much would the charge for a full service?

I use these guys near London/Tower bridge and really like them. Always do whatever I need while you wait/grab a coffee at a decent price…

My last service was £120 and that included changing the drive belt and MOT.

The main guy is called Reuben and is very good but little shy.

coolio, thanks again :wink: