Service Help Needed

Hey All,

Just a quickie - I’ve got my 2,500 mile service tomorrow and without getting into the whole jobbie about the whys and wherefores, I get the right hump with Dobles, but I bought the bike there and want the stamps in the book because it is a new bike and I plan to sell it within a year.

So, last time, they charged me to dispose of the old oil - I don’t have a problem paying for genuine service requirements, but I was told on here that pretty much any workshop disposing of at least 200 litres per week will get it taken away for free, so on a point of principle, it peeses me off!

My question is, can I ask them to give me the old oil to dispose of and would I need to take an old water bottle or something to take it away in?

I know it sounds really tight - believe me, it ain’t the money, it’s just about me saying to them “I ain’t gonna be ripped off”