Serrisan: Greenlaning Surrey January 2012

Just for him so he can show mummy his vid while visitin home.

Have a nice holiday Alex. Hope the video is what you wanted mate.

This is brilliant Lewis! Fab editing, music choice ect. well done :slight_smile: Alex, you gotta work on your skillz dude :stuck_out_tongue:



Now this might help get her off my back every time I ride a bike! :smiley:


haha wicked one mate

A little help from iMovie always goes well.

A big video coming soon…

Awesome mate!

Looking forward to the full clip so I can see what I missed! :frowning:

(clutch cable arrived today, woohoo!)

hahaha brilliant, brilliant work*!! :smiley:

*you made Alex look cool! :stuck_out_tongue:

is there any outher good parts to make a longer video =] or could i meet up someone and u bring it on a memoney pen and copy it to my lappy =] i want to watch it all haha

Do you know what… I’m still grinning at work! :smiley:

P.S. More importantly, mu mum loved it and for someone who doesn’t really like bikes or any video I try to show her, that’s saying a lot!

lol. very good Lew :smiley:

Its about 12gbs of footage! Bring many memory pens.

Most the footage when looking back is a bit boring. never the same as when your there.

Ill try and make the vid a long one and enjoyable as possible. Ive worked out. Roughly each minute of video created takes 1hr-1.30hr.

I didnt think it was possible too! 4hours of footage

Good work … and that looks fun . I reckon I could get a yamaha xs tracker round that :smiley:

just one 16gb will do haha only really want to look at the good bits like geting air all the falls and spills lol any bit that looks fun XD

surely thats all the good bits ill put into the video idiot???

your mean keep calling me a ideot haha i want to add them into the video im going to make with my bits will be crap compaird to your one but want to upload something to my youtube =]

:smiley: Excellent film!

Ah, sorry I was listening to George Benson’s Brezzin, but the film looks excellent!:cool: