My friend has a 2007 Hornet the same bike as mine just a year younger. She asked me to do an oil change for her.
Undid the bolt and drained the oil…a bit tight but no problem.
Used the hexagon type attachment for the oil filter with my socket set…nothing, gave it a bit more wellie and felt it move, AH GOOD!!

Not so… good I’ve started rounding the nut on the attachment. Tried a couple of times with no luck.
I then purchased an oil filter removal kit from Halfords…uses a bicycle chain to grip.
I bent the piece that hooks into the chain and I’ve dented the hexagon attachment so not it bites into the oil filter and won’t budge. I need to take it off to use the chain kit on the base of the oil filter. I tried using a screwdriver and a hammer to knock off the attachment and made a couple of small holes in the filter, so I won’t be able to ride it in for a service!!

I seem well and truly buggered. Any suggestions besides driving a screwdriver through the oil filter??


you could try stabbing a screw driver through it and then turning it

You obviously didn’t read the last line :smiley:
I don’t want to try that method because if it still doesn’t turn I’ll rip the oil filter then I’m really up a creek.


have you tried insulting its mother?

Hmm, so that’s what happens when you ignore the ‘lightly coat seal with oil’ written on the side! :smiley:

I had similar, although it sounds like ‘less tight’ earlier and just grabbed it with a water pump wrench.

It doesn’t matter if you rip the filter. If you rip it, you can then tap round the rim that’s stuck with a hammer and screwdriver and move it away from the filter housing. It’s a messy way of doing it but it works.

Failing that, water pump pliers. I always use them on my filters anyway as it doesn’t matter if I damage it!
I’ve got an oil filter sized set that you could borrow if you’re in West London and need them.

Yep, the last guy to service it must have had HUGE muscles and probably didn’t apply any oil to the seal.
Thanks for the offer Rusty I’m too far from West London.

I’m still nervous about making a hole in the filter but I’m stuck I’ll have to give it another bash tomorrow…literally.


I’d doubt if it’s the sealing ring holding it on after all it’s only compressed synthetic rubber …

Did you warm the engine up to normal running temperature? Hot drain plugs and filters turn far easier than cold ones.

I’m assuming the Halfords tool you’ve bent is one like this LINKY HERE

If so, take it back and get a refund and get one like this LINKY HERE

You’ll need a ½" square drive extension bar and a tee bar or ratchet.

also try tighten it, some times it works.

Good luck

get one of those 3 legged things that grip tight they work a treat had same problem on my 'bird ripped the filter with chain type used the other sort that will shift it :slight_smile:

firsttly spray the sucker with as much wd40 as you can and let it rest for a while… then try to use something like aLex suggests… dont worry if you crample it.

as a last resort puncture with scredriver and twist but before that spray even more wd40 on it… as once the screwdriver is in you might end up using it as a can opener rather than a oilfilter remover :w00t:

As alreay mentioned spray some wd40 at the top of it and wait a while.

Hit it with a hammer for a bit then try using one of these


I forgot to mention before posting that I did in desperation use WD40 around the edge of the seal last night and left it. This morning I knocked a 17 socket back onto the damaged nut for the filter attachment and gave it a tug with the ratchet…I felt it give, swore an oath under my breath and WHOOP!! I realised it was the filter that turned. :slight_smile:

I’ve put the new filter on and a new washer for the plug…put in 2.8l of fresh oil as per the user manual’s instructions and the oil reading read almost full when cold and the bike was standing up so I started her up.
Kicked over first time considering she has been standing for 4 months. Let her idle for 5 minutes then turned off and held upright for 2 minutes well my friend had a looK at the oil reading in the glass and she told me the oil level was empty. I had a look myself, I thought the oil being clearer must be confusing her but she’s right there is no oil.

The owner’s manual says 2.7 litres for an oil change, 2.8 litres for oil and oil filter change and 3.5 litres after disassembly. I’m going to add 500ml and start her up again just to be on the safe side…any thoughts??


You may need longer for level to settle , would have thought it would take 3.5 to 4 litres though .

please delete this post

take it out for a ride for about 10 minutes…i had the same thing happen once

I’ve added 500ml oil and will take it for a spin tomorrow.