Seriously now....

Would any of you guys or girls consider one of these?

I think it looks great and would be a fab summertime commuter. But at most a 2nd bike. And that price makes it hard justify for that role.

But a round of applause for trying I think.

£4800. 65MPH. Are they out of their tiny minds? I’d like to ride one for an afternoon - but the novelty would soon wear off…

lol 65mph might aswell get a scooter pay half that price to do 60mph. that price tag is not worth it.

and don’t go anywhere on it which will safe even more on petrol and insurance :stuck_out_tongue:

lol oh shhh sarcastic bob

I’ll stick with my SV650 commuter. I know it doesn’t
turn heads when I take it down the Ace, whereas the
Enfield probably would.

And I doubt the Enfield can pull decent wheelies :w00t:

I can see the current appeal of these to the Hoxton uber-hip kiddies, but speaking as a lifelong member of the unter-hip set there’s a lot of better ways of spending £5k on a motorcycle.

it’s a lovely machine, but I can’t think of anyone it would suit apart from old guys who want to relive glory days without the maintenance gremlins.

Would love one but would never spend shy of 5k on one.

If I had a little more money and a lot less sense; I would consider buying it.

I love the retro look of it, reminds me of why I got into bikes in the first place. At 80mpg it will do the job of commuting in London perfectly, and commuting to and from work, I never break 50mph anyway, so 65mph top speed is irrelevant, spend most of my time doing 20mph.

My only concern would be whether it is too small.

As to the price tag, I would think that such a bike would hold its value pretty well.

The article compared to a Chinese bike for £4,800; however, I would think that 2 minutes after buying that Chinese bike it would be worth less than £3k…put 5,000 miles on that Chinese bike, it will be worth less than £2k.

I think this bike might still be worth £3.5k after you have put 20k miles on it. That is just from the top of my head, but I think that reality will bear that out.

£3,995 from here

You’d be better off with one of the new Honda 500s. Modern engine, design, reliability, etc.

There is nothing really to attract to such a bike.

Was there not an Enfield diesel produced for a while? Think it was only ever sold in India but it got over 200mpg. Now that’s a bike I could live with for a daily commute, though not as a fun bike. **** top-speed, but think of the money you’d save. :Wow:

There’s been a few attempts at it, I seem to recall one of the better ones was built by a UK company called Charnwood.

A quick Google resulted in a 12 year old Telegraph road test:

That is a lot of money for something so slow.