Seriously cheap trackdays in Spain

Might check these out when I’m over there

so much to do, so little time

Yes, please let us know, might be possible to combine a holiday with some track days, are you doing bike hire there?. I am not obsessed.

Hey Andrea,

How’s it going. Did you get a bike to replace the R6? Can’t remember.

About Spain…I think I’ll be going over there on my bike in June if everything works out and will be passing by some of the tracks listed for track days on my way to Barcelona. So, although risky, I might just take my bike on track and have a quick blast.

Would be amazing to do Almeria

Yeah, on a Fazer now, keeping Westie and Harriet company.

Met a couple at the Excel show who regularly bike holiday in France and Spain and they love it. Good roads, they said, dry and warm, what more can you want? Was thinking of doing a week in Morocco maybe next year on a trail bike, only thing putting me off is the camping bit.

I’ve met Mick from that company - good guy, some of my friends have had coaching from him and speak well of the experience.

I rode one of his 600’s in the Sun a few years ago.