serious question sensible answer please

am looking to sell my 600 bandit, which is not in the best of conditions.

Its an 03 faired model, silver, and on about 55,000 miles. It has new chain and sprocket (actually in the garage to be fitted), front wavey discs (about 500 miles old), braided lines front and rear, tyres have a good amount of life in them (dunlop sports tourers, done about 6,000 miles, very slightly square) and will have new brake pads all round.

Theres some scratches and scuffs in the paint work, but nothing that appears to be too drastic to fix if you really wanted too.

It runs well, if a little noisey and can still pull away like it used too!

Cos its a high mileage model i cant work out a rough price, obviously i want it at a price which will attract interest and a sale (hopefully) but dont want to give it away.

Im thinking £500-£750, whats your thoughts??

Give ya a fiver;)

Parkers reckons this:

Suzuki GSF600S K3 Faired

Original Price£4,199Independent Dealer£1,970Private Good £1,785Private Poor £1,420Part Exchange£1,595750 is very reasonable for that I reckon, 55K is a high mileage, but bike engines nowadays are pretty bullet proof, esp. bandits. You could always stick it on ebay with a reserve and let the public decide?

Ill beat Chunkys offer £6.10p.:stuck_out_tongue:

how are you gonna ride it ya plank…ya put legs over the bike, not close together like a girl :smiley:

£10 final offer

I read about rockerchick deforming hers … is a bandit too (not sure which one). Depending on what is damaged she might be considering to buy yours as a “parts deliverer” …

Get it as clean as it will go, photograph it well and stick it on ebay with a decent reserve (£750 seems about right) and an honest post.

Best route seems to be to insist on a deposit within XX days by whatever means. (Paypal if your signed up.)

Final transaction by CASH. No test ride without you holding the CASH, no offers from Nigeria, no bankers cheques and so on.


Clean as before and see what you get offered as a trade in. Once got more for a bike than I’d paid the year before by this route. The dealer was honest in admitting that he knew he could clear the bike at a slight loss and he’d cut the margin on the new bike. I did have to buy a BMW though.


cheers for the info all. im still considering my options, but am genuinley surprised at how much it might be worth.