Serious Accident under Vauxhall Bridge - shaming attitude of some bikers

Just got back after encountering a serious accident under Vauxhall Bridge south bound. The police were preventing traffic from going under the bridge and an ambulance was dealing with someone in a serious condition. I was unsure if it was a cyclist or motorcyclist, but definitely a two wheeler.

I turned off the engine and got my bike up to the police and asked him if anyone was seriously hurt and how the person was. He said the situation was very serious and they could not let anyone under the bridge as the noise of the engines would disturb the ambulance crew.

There were several bikers nearby who were asking the police how long it would be, why they couldn’t go under the bridge, why they had to turn their engines off, why the police had blocked three lanes and why they couldn’t ride their bikes in the left lane etc etc etc. It was unbelievable.

When I asked a bit later, the policeman then confirmed to me that it was unlikely the person would make it, that it was probably fatal. There was a biker next to me who turned and started moaning about it and why they had to block the road. I said to him that someone was seriously hurt and likely to die. I then had to explain this again to another moaning biker, but neither of them gave a ****.

It saddened me really - that here was someone who had set out back home on their commute on a lovely spring evening and who was now lying in a crumpled heap under a bridge. Someone somewhere will get a call through this evening to say that their brother, or husband, or father, or partner, or son is now dead.


That’s awful Hels and also a sad reflection of our society. Those tossers who were complaining should remember it could have been any one of them. Respect to you for taking the time to show some human compassion. As for the others, **** them.

Time is money and apparently money is more important than life. I hate people like that.



Let’s hope he made it… a policeman told you he might not make it and though experienced with accidents they are not doctors.

Let’s not assume he died when we don’t know…

Other than that I fully agree with you on the attitude of people… it’s just ridiculous!

If people really wanted to go past then all they had to do was kill the engine and push it along the pavement.

Unfortunately very few people see the bigger picture of the situation until they have experienced something themselves / lost someone. Makes me so angry! I always have to bite my tongue when people start bitching about how something like this inconveniences them! :angry:

I saw it too. I stopped at the front and killed the motor but after a few minutes most of the bikers pushed their bikes through the pedestrian walkway next to the bridge

Jackie and I passed through there just after 5pm. There was an ambulance, a motorcycle paramedic just arriving, and no police. I saw two cyclists talking to a paramedic, and a black motorcycle helmet on the ground. I couldn’t see a motorcycle.

Take care out there - we cam across an almost identical scenario half an hour later at a busy junction just off the A3 at New Malden with an ambulance, a downed motorcycle and no police in attendance.

madness i would have said want a bang in the mouth you cu nt s that is a human being been run over and blah blah etc etc

that is shocking but not suprising - unfortunately. still doesnt excuse the behaviour though.

hope the guy makes it

for god’s as if bikers don’t already make enough progress by bending all the rules. Hels I agree lack of compasion is appaling, wish i could see who those c*nts were. anyways my best wishes to the injured person

feel for the person who is injuredand really hope it aint their time to go up yet :frowning: some people are just twats wonder how they would feel if that was their loved one or family or friend laying their in the accident or themselves and people were acting like that.

Let’s hope he made/makes it through this…

The rest are just inconsiderate & impatient fools

We are a broken society, and its not just at the bottom, its at the top. We’ve lost our humanity and replaced it with greed, selfishness, self interest etc. Its not all the Yoof’s fault. Its the standards we set as a society.

I rode passed there around 6pm, saw the ambulance and police still positioned in the right hand lane, its shocking and really sad how some people react.

Unfortunately there are dick-heads in all walks of life…

I’d have probably told the impatient c*** to f off…

That’s pretty shocking.

Anytime I’ve come across an accident involving a bike it usually gives me a sobering reality check about the dangers associated with what we do.

Hopefully the person involved will defy the police officers prediction and pull through.

Big +1 here

seems everyone is so important and has such important things to do, how dare would someone be so inconsiderate as to get hurt.

You met with idiot commuters on bikes and not bikers.