Serial lurker - new bike down - bespoke plastic help?

I’ve smashed the front of my new bike up :frowning:

Rather than go for the complete streetfighter, ( me being rather mechanically inept), I’ve realised that I can keep the undamaged headlight etc all as-is.

As I was 45 degrees when I hit the chav-car, the screen, screen brackets and sub-frame took the hit. The only parts that really need replacing are the left and right fairings, the front sub-frame bit that holds the lights, the upper cowling that hides the light and cables and the screen brackets and screen.

Sooooooooo… what I was thinking, is that I replace the front sub-frame and get the lights straightened out instead of pointing at 11 o’ clock, which leaves me £400 odd quid to design a new front fairing, incorporating a low-rise “front screen” but all in ebony black plastic. Imagine a stealth bomber… naked-but-not Versys.

Here’s the problem. I don’t know of anyone that’ll do a bespoke plastic molding. It would need to be a small firm I think. So, I’ll be phoning around over the next few weeks to see if there’s anybody out there.

Any streetfighter / project experts out there who have experience of this?

Also… (longshot) does anyone know a plastic molding firm that might be of use??

thanks for any help help you can offer

you’re not having much luck are you mate. good luck with the project

lol… thanks mate