Sent a letter to my local Councillors

I live in a part private/ part council owned block of flats in Wandsworth. I am hoping to get a bike (damn postal strike is holding up the DVLA’s response - fingers crossed!), and would like to put a ground anchor somewhere in the parking space for my ride.
I have posted the email I sent and will post any responses. []Any comments[/color] not included in the email will appear in []red[/color]. Here goes (feel free to comment on my wording etc, it’s too late now :wink: ):

"Dear councillors,
I have contacted WBC []Wandsworth Borough Council[/color] previously (by email and phone) on this matter but had no response. So I am turning to you to see what can be done.

I have lived at my present address ([]blah blah[/color], SW15 []blah[/color]) trouble free so far, touch wood (if at all possible!), for over thirty years now.
It is now time for me to have my own method of transport in the form of a scooter.

Please help me find out the possibility of installing a ground anchor on the council property stated above - this would greatly reduce the chances of my new vehicle being stolen by enabling me to lock it to something solid which has been concreted into the ground on the property. I know that another tenant in the same block of flats also occasionally uses a motorcycle, so perhaps even two would be in order.
I would be happy to liaise with anyone who would give this consideration and have chosen an ideal location for the ground anchor. I would also be happy to help with the cost of the anchor itself and to help in choosing the right one.

Image of the kind of thing I have in mind has been attached to this message. The smaller one, []see attached images[/color] would be my preferred anchor as it would be impossible for thieves to break as it sits below ground level. I have also attached a file (proposed ground anchor location.kmz) which shows the approximate location of the proposed site for the anchor and which can be opened with Google Earth (a great program which, if you don’t have, you must download!)

Thanks you for your collective time.
Garret []surname withheld because it’s too cool[/color]"

And, yes, I recommended Google Earth to my three local, Conservative, Councillors - I’m a fan (of the program) what can I say!? :smiley:




I think you might stand a better chance of success if you were asking permission to install it. If there is any possibility of the council having to meet the cost, even if it is minor, they will run a mile not least because it would count as capital expenditure and they would have to go through all sorts of authorisation hurdles.

Alternatively - if you just installed it yourself would anyone at the council notice?

That is actually my idea, although, having re-read the letter it might sound otherwise. I do mention the " possibility of installing ", just not who I expect to do it!
Of course I wouldn’t expect them to pay for it and the anchor they chose would probably be a poor excuse for one anyway.
I’ll await a reply and make the fact that I’m really only asking for permission a little clearer.
Thanks for pointing that out.

No, I seriously doubt they’d notice, but someone might report it for some jobsworth reason and then I’d have the council on my back.
No bike yet (not even Provisional), so I’ll hold off before getting too serious ;).

if it was me i would find a corner or space where nobody walks [ so they cant trip over it ] and just fit it as i dont think anybody will ever notice it.

Is there a strong railing somewhere? You could use an Almax chain and lock it to the heaviest thing you can find.

my mate did that, they took the concrete block as well

I think you ought to be more forceful in your approach, not rude or curt, but just say you want to fit an anchor because.etc etc … instead of can I. And I wouldnt mention any cost to them!

hate to say it but i don’t reckon they’ll go for it. they’ll give it the old ‘if someone trips over it they can sue you/us’. you’ll be much better off almaxing to a lampost or summink. then getting a cover and an alarm or xena disk lock to create a bit of noise if someone has a go. that combination should put off most herberts.

i used to live in flats and after some unwanted tampering decided i wanted secure parking for my bike. i rented a shipping container at about £7 a week (cheaper than a garage in most parts of london). got the smallest one 6’ x 6’ x 9’ they had. it was the nuts. cisa padlock on the door. no one was getting in that. anyway it lasted about 2 hours before i got a call from the property management people asking me to remove it! unsightly apparently. this coming from residents in the new cross area! not as unsightly as some of the cages parked in the car park.

Thanks for all the feedback. Yea, I’m not really holding out hopes of a positive response to my email (if I get one at all).

Here is what I have to play with (pictures taken with a Nokia 6300, altered in Potatoshopper FYI):

edit - images removed.


looks like a double almax job. one round the post. then one from the chain on the post to a sensible point on the bike (not the front wheel). you may be able to get an almax long enough to do your rear wheel and post in one actually. call em if it doesn’t show on their site. they’ll do any length you want i think. probably the most helpful company i’ve ever dealt with. def get something that’ll make a bit of noise if it’s disturbed. the bike’s nice and close to those windows so it should make the thief think twice if they’re gonna have a go.

Cheers for the recommendation.
I’ve been looking in the Almax direction for chains already, but the quality/ peace-of-mind doesn’t come cheap! I’m not looking to spend more than £950 on my first ride if I can help it, I would have to buy a second-hand Immobiliser or two if going down that route.

those chains will last the length of your biking lifetime (if they don’t meet an angle grinder). and will secure any bike you buy in the future. hear what you’re saying though. is pricey

You’re more likely to trip over one of those folding posts, than a concealed ground anchor.

Can’t be that bad in your area as nobody’s rolled over that Reliant 3 wheeler.:wink:

:smiley: hehe…
That guy just buys another one when the one he has finally breaks down from the Sunday driving he does.

Okay, someone replied!

" *Dear Mr []coolname[/color]

Thank you for your correspondence received in the office on 2nd October

The Council is allocated a budget for small improvements on housing estates.
It may be possible that your request for a ground anchor for motorbikes can
be included under this budget.

Please could you clarify what you mean by a ground anchor. If you would
like to show me where you think it might be suitable at this block I can
arrange to meet you on site. The motorbikes would have to be stored away
from the building as they pose a fire hazard.

Please contact me either via email or on ********** to arrange a visit.
I am usually available 9am-1pm Monday to Friday (except Tuesday) and carry
out my visits in the afternoons.

I hope this is of help

Yours sincerely,
[]council rep[/color]* "

Will set up a meeting soon.

Wow surprise, surprise :):slight_smile: nice one!

The latest :

I spoke to the woman who sent the reply. She is all for the idea and said that it would come under part of the ‘small improvements’ fund for the local council properties.

She’ll be calling me next week (I hope) to arrange an appointment with one of her colleagues who is involved with H&S etc.

Apparently it could take a couple of months as she will have to contact the other tenants in the block to check for jobsworth, neighbours from hell who might object.
Time to get on friendly terms with all the bloody drivers in the car park :doze:

good result Mate hope it go’s well for you!

garret dude…our situautions are so similar its unreal! i havent tried to email southwark council yet as i still have to get the pictures together etc etc, but my car park has almost no where to keep bikes, there useed to quite a few bike owners round here but over the years i think theyve been put off by the increasing number of kids who just love to a) sit on the bike/moped and **** around with stuff b) try and steal it and when that doesnt work kick it down or C) all of the above…then burn it…

sigh names on the council list for garages but lets see how long that takes, glad to see things actually being put into motion on ur side of south!

Yea! I guess there are a few more of us out there that haven’t yet discovered LB!
Let’s hook up a meet or something. Must get a bike first though!

I’ve only seen kids using that space (in my property’s car park) for having the occasional spliff. I think that if the bike was covered securely, they’d be less inclined to have a go. I’ll make the cover nice and mucky as well :wink:
Keep on at the council!
Good luck,