Senna v TT3D

I see the film about Ayton Senna is out on disc now so I’m curious whether people think that era of F1 is capable of competing with something like the TT for thrills and general excitement.

modern F1 is so dull and sterile - and motogp isnt a lot better tbh.

The TT still remains a massive displayof all the good stuff about bike racing - I’m drooling at prospect of TT3D on disc next month. But can any F1 era come close?

Discuss :slight_smile:

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Yes it can

I have seen Senna and it is a good insight to the legend that is Senna. However the TT was/is and remain to be the ULTIMATE in bike racing. It has the heritage for starters and unlike F1 you can see the rider putting the effort into his riding. F1 was a sport that lost its drivers more frequently than bikers riders.

Give me the TT all day long over F1.

F1 will never be as exciting as bike racing ever.

F1 pretty much died for me when Senna passed away, Mansell left, and when Schumacher retired. For me that era of F1 is easily on par with the TT. Sure the TT is like a ridiculous adrenalin shot, but those few mental days are on par with a full season of old school F1.

The documentary is beautiful and I was in tears at the end of it. The 2 things that keep me watching MotoGP still is Valentino Rossi, and now Simoncelli. F1 today is as bland as American gladiators. Full of drivers off the production line with zero personality, and no camaraderie. I like Jenson Button though. MotoGP is lucky to have Simoncelli. I’m loving BSB this season since I always really liked John Hopkins and Shane Byrne. I’ll agree that F1 is very low on the excitement factor, and has been for some time; but that era of Senna/Prost/Mansell/Schumacher was amazing.

TT3D all the way

That’s quite a quote Herr Flick, although I remember Senna tearing up the tarmac, or if you’re American “Asphalt”, but then I couldn’t appreciate his skill, after watching the film you can now see just what a step above the rest he was.

Even so, I have to say pound for pound for sheer thrill and excitement the TT wins, not even in the 80’s you could get within arms reach of a 180mph driver. The island is a mecca for bikers and the true spirit of bike racing just fills the air while your there and the locals do all that they can for you as well. For this, the TT gets my vote