Senior TT cancelled.....

Disappointment as the Senior TT Race is cancelled due to weather conditions. Amazing to think this is the first time a senior race has been cancelled other than for war or foot and mouth…
Can’t help but feel sorry for all the racers, teams, marshals, public and our very own LB contingency who have been waiting all year for this one event. But especially for those guys, both privateers and the Norton factory team, who only came to race in the Senior event. Here’s hoping next year will be nothing but sun and good racing…and lastly sorry Maria Costello not the Birthday present you wanted.

NOOOoooooo!!! I was looking forward to watching it later on ITV Player :frowning:

gutted :frowning:

thanks for the heads up, i was going to try watch it today. weather was atrocious though :frowning:

We were sitting in a cold field all day waiting for them :frowning:

Was really gutted about this, ive been watching it on the edge of my seat all last week!

Gutted, hope its better next year as myself and Gaz have already booked the ferry places!!

Someone from my local MK crew is sorting out next year for us (race week), he has booked the ferry, :slight_smile:

I dunno if I am in a B&B, or a tent, but I dont care…woohooo :slight_smile:

Ps was gutted the senior was canceled, I wanted to see Mc G win no 20, and Norton going around the track :frowning:

Norton broke down and backfired right next to us. Scared thepoo outta us! :smiley: