Sending mail to prison?

Random question, if you send mail to some one in prison can it be sent by special and/or recorded delivery?

also do you include there name or just there prison number?

Does any one know?

nope, don’t know. But what have you done and when are you going in?

me nothing… im a good lad was a friend of mine from school, I dont even know what he has done. hoping nothing really stupid. silly boy…

I assume recorded/special delivery would be OK as there’s always someone there to take the post in but I’ve always sent them by standard post.

ALWAYS include their ID number, some prisons are funny about what paper etc. you use aswell so just keep everything plain.

I always include prison number/name/block and then the full address. And make sure you put your details on the back of the envelope.

Cool thanks every one. I just had the prisoner number down so ill add there name to it.

Thanks again.