Sending a PM

When I want to send a pm by clicking the ‘PM’ button on one of their posts, it’s bringing up a different username, seems tp be the username of the person who posted above them in the thread :ermm:

Yeah, it’s an odd quirk! Refresh the thread and try again, it should be fine, until I sort it out.

Any idea on the missing sent PM’s?

Its not missing but you have to specify with a tick box that you want the PM sent to be saved…

You have to do this everytime you send a PM…

Jay mate this is f**king annoying…Please sort it mate…Sorry…I really do appreciate your efforts on this new site and on the whole, it’s brilliant work…Just a few niggles here and there.

Yeah, we can sort that. Should get round to it shortly!

Oh right, I didnt see that. So, all the previous pms before the upgrade, are they lost, seeing as we have all the previously deleted pms in my inbox which I no longer want.