Selling your bike(s)

How do you do it then?

Mine ‘sold’ on ebay yesterday to someone in germany who cant collect it.

Pissed off to say the least as it was on ebay for a quick sale, now ive got to try and get fees back from ebay etc (any idea on how to do this?)

How do LB ladies and gents go about selling a bike? Biketrader?

I have just sold two of mine on BikeTrader, Two weeks internet only, for just £17 bargain if you ask me and the buyer has to come and meet you face to face.

As with anything, it depends on what it is you are selling. I sold a 125 took 3 weeks, the 800 Intruder went on day 2 of the ad.

Sorry cant help you with ebay.

Somewhere there is a link ‘non-paying buyer’ or something like that. Click that and it should take you through the process. I presume in your ad you did state ‘buyer must collect from blah blah’?

PM sent

You can recover listing fees, link is well hidden of course. I was watching your bike, but sadly it is too small for me! Nice bike though!

hehe, i’m 6’5’’ and 18 stone

You really need to sort out an MOT and chuck some road tax on. I think you’d find it difficult to shift without an MOT. PM Adz, he has a van. Or maybe someone on here you know will take it to one for you. You can ride to an MOT centre even if it has lapsed and you will not get in trouble with the law as long as you have an appointment. I don’t know about the riding without insurance bit though, but if it is only a couple of miles I would be inclined to say it’s not really going to be an issue

Listed the GPZ on sunday night on Ebay within 10 minutes it was sold and paid for…i was gobsmacked