selling this soon whats it worth?

Well seeing as I get 4 big red crosses I have no idea :wink:

what is it? 600? I’d say good condition with not too many miles on it 4k would be about the right money.

dude there is an orb in ya fly screen :smiley:

lol nah thats the tax disc is fitted in a holder on the left side now :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll give you fifty quid… :3

really? £50 quid a week for the rest of your life, hmmmm :smiley:

Mint as she is, I’d say 4k would be a fair price for a gixxer 600. 3750 might be more realistic for a quick sale. Dealers are advertising them for 5K but how many are selling at that price in the current climate?Final price depends what extras you have on her and the mileage/service-history.