Selling my 2013 Daytona 675, want an R1 or ZX10R

Although the handling, braking and style of my Daytona is fantastic, I miss the power of my old R1. I’ve taken the new R1 for a test ride, and didn’t like it. Way too much engine braking for me. Also test rode the ZX10R, wow. So I’m after either an R1, the 2007 model (aka 4C8) which is the one before the crossplane crank, or a ZX10R. If you know of one, let me know thorugh here please.

I’ve put my toy up in the Classifieds section at

ZX10r far better bike then the R 1

Hey Wise - Please specify.

Hi mate
I was looking at getting either a ZX10R 2008 -2010 Model or a GSXR 2007-2008 Model
my mate leant me his zx for a weekend and loved it good strong engine handled well
the only reason I ended up with a GSXR was someone on here had a decent one that’s was at a price I couldn’t refuse & I couldn’t find a ZX at the time that was a reasonable distance to travel & was in a condition that suited me

Wise - Thank you.

Your welcome
You can pay me next time I see you