Selling Honda Zoomer w/Polini kit -- 3 months old

Hello guys, due to having caught serious bike fever and wanting to move up to a bigger cc bike, I’m selling my wicked little yellow Honda Zoomer. Pictures are over in this thread:

It’s a 50cc four-stroke high-tech fuel-injected automatic battle-scooter. It’s been hopped up with the Polini performance kit (a 260 pound value - exhaust, CDI, intake, vario), had it’s duck tail chopped, dB-eater and mirrors removed. Top speed now about 50mph instead of 27mph stock. The lucky buyer will get all the original parts (exhaust, variomatic, mirrors, etc) in addition to the bike and everything it came with.

Asking UKP 1750 ono. Considering they are over 2000 pounds new and this one already has all the mods that’s not a bad deal at all! Bike is only 3 months old and has a little over 1200 miles on it so far.

If you are interested pm me on the board or ring me on 079 0642 0642.