Selling bikes?

Never sold one privately before but know you get a better deal than PX, but by how much? Is it worth the hassle?

Dealer just put the buying price up by a K with a PX deal. So any which way I look at it I get stiffed

Any info would be fab.



Check out the parkers guide. It’s free and give you a rough idea about how much you can expect for most bikes at px and private sale. (Then it’s time to get the calculater out! )

I took a print out along when I went to buy my bike privately. The bloke turned down my offer until I showed him how much he would get px. He soon changed his mind.

Cheers mate.

Yup, gonna sell private as I’m only being offered the PX rate for a bile 2 years older.

I have sold two of my bikes from home! Yes, you will get more money for that even after take off the MCN add expenses etc.
My advice to you would be:

-Put your mobile phone and NOT your fix one.
-Arrange views at your work work place or a mates house, NOT at your house (garage).
-Test ride? Only if the buyer pays the bike in full! If he’s serious? He will test ride to buy!
-Cash only and be sure that you know how to spot a bad £50 note.
-Fill in the docs and go to the post office yourself to send it to the DVLA. Remember, your are responsable for your bike while it’s in your name.
-Write a receipt staing names and dates and the time the perxson is getting the bike from you! Got a friend that the guy bought the bike and had an accident only a few miles after. The guy left the bike and ripped off the docs! My friend was prosecuted for run a ciclist over and leave the local…Up to prove the truth???
-While demosntrating the bike DON’T be alone! have a mate with you!
-If you are advertising on MCN, make sure you go through all the options they have, sometimes they do 3 weeks for the price of two. Send a very clear photo to your bike to them and describe it as much as possible!
-If someone ask if you can get another bike as part of the money? You can always take the guy to a dealer near you. They always buy the bikes. They pay less but it’s not your problem, talk to them before hand.

Good luck mate!