Selling bike for a deposit, thinking of a replacement

Hi All,

I’m selling my BMW F800S (

However, once/if sold I need a replacement… and the replacement needs to be under £2k and ideally a fun town and sportsbike

I am thinking:

SL1000 Falco

Yamaha 600 Thundercat

CBR600F (but these are pricey!)

Kawa ZZR600

I’m open to suggestions? Need it to be cheap to run, cheap to ensure and super reliable. Hence the Falco is a long shot while the Kawa and Thundercat seem to be a better choice?

Considering it is going to be a 12 year old bike due to £2k budget, I really need to make sure I choose the right one! No point spending £2k and then another £600 etc on servicing and fixing, has to be uber cheap


old and dependable, it’s got to be the CBR.

I’m looking for a similar thing so am keen to here people’s suggestions too. NumNum recommended the Falco to me but insurance seems a lot higher than other similar value bikes.

I did love my Falco , 50000 miles I did on it and had less breakdowns than my buddy on his VFR . One starter solenoid replaced with a yamaha item 10 quid . One clutch slave seal 5 quid , upgraded to an oberon slave 80 quid , but that wasnt really needed just wanted as bling . Other than service items ,filters ,oils ,chains and front wheel bearings that was it . I never bothered to check clearances or balance it … it just always started and went fine so I did not worry about it as other owners were hitting the 100000 mile mark without adjustment . The golden rule is … buy a black frame model …Make sure the battery is always in good order as it takes a bit of turning over that rotax lump … and learn how to start it properly .

That is pretty… Why a black frame model? Or is that just your personal preference style-wise?

By the time the black frame came around they had sorted all the little niggles apart from the rear shock . But I would think original shocks are few and far between by now .

Ah, okay. The black frames also look a lot nicer!

Well I ride a thundercat. I have two actually. Considered a falco and still want one… Anyway I love my thundercat. that are still many modern bikes that wont to what this does. I’m not a honda Fan and have never been able to justify the costs associated to the CBR when there are so many knocking about. There are a few modern touches missing from the T’Cat. No fuel guage or trip com anda clock, unfortunately its the simple stuff that you would expect.

However, it is quite easy to live with. Its not the best looking bike so no one will knick it. There are plenty of spares too. But aftermarket accessories are where it falls short. Especially because it is so old. So forget about finding under trays and tail tidies, they simply dont exist any more. Too stupidly rare to consider wasting so much time searching for one. Another point is fuel economy… reported is about 40mpg and tank range is up at 140. Which is good. But from normal riding you might be able to get it to 170 odd before seeing the warning light shine up at you. You have plenty underseat storage too. I keep my chain, disclock, 2 cargo nets, tools, few spares (bulbs, fuses, ect), puncture repair kit, and still have a little bit of extra room for a few packets of fags.

known issues to look out for when buying one… Gearbox. Thundercats had problems with 1st, neutral and 2nd gear. Mainly shifting up or down in to 2nd. I can’t remember what causes this issue but I do know to walk away at that point. Snaps in acceleration or pulsing acceleration is also symptom of the 2nd gear issue but wont happen all the time.

They also seem to be going up in value too. I purchased both of mine circa 1.5k each. Looking at examples that come in worse condition today, they seem to be more expensive.

As much as i love my thundercat I do know its taken a long time to get both of mine just right. Most bikes you get on and know what they are right away. Unfortunately the multiple personality is its biggest disadvantage. I commute on mine daily, and its comfy and apt for the job, but the seat is too ****. I’ll either slide on heavy acceleration / deceleration, or feel like my knees are too high.

I can see why these never sold that well. partly down to it being a jack of all trades, partly down to yamaha for launching the R6 as a replacement to it before discontinuing the thundercat.

If my head had to pick a bike it would be the CBR. My heart would make me buy the thundercat. But my wallet would say that you’d get the best value for money with the falco.

Cheers guys, very interesting. Falco pic looks great! Good to know about the black frame.

CBR seems very very pricey and high mileage for the £2k versions… I really don’t want a 40000 mile bike that is going to need this and that all the time, the whole point is for some of the money to go to a house deposit and not fixing it up.

Thundercat seemed a good choice as they are well priced but a bad gearbox would worry me. I think the thing to do is if I get it from a dealer (they have some at around £2k) then take it for a test ride and decide from there

Falco is gorgeous, but does mean far more insurance and it does have the annoying battery niggle. My BMW is a total workhorse no what how cold or how long I left the battery (I don’t have a garage). Hence although the Falco would be my favorite choice, having to watch the battery would be a major issue for me as some weeks I ride every day and other weeks I might not use the bike for 2 weeks (due to the job I do)

Hence it looks like the overly expensive CBR and especially the Thundercat seem to be the front runners. The poor Kawasaky ZZR600 is not even getting a mention! Surely its not that boring!?! Surely the Kawa is ok?

ZZR would be nice, but I think falls short when compared to the others. if you find a mint example then definitely consider it.

If the battery is good the falco will be fine. I used to abandon mine I’m various airport carparks come back 2 weeks later jump on and ride home.

If the battery is good the falco will be fine. I used to abandon mine I’m various airport carparks come back 2 weeks later jump on and ride home.

You can buy my 2003 Ninja A1P… 20,000 miles, in sound condition, some great extras, but has quite a bit of cosmetic damage…

Still think a nice cbr at the right price is the way to go

I also love the falco, was a bit wary of potential issues with ethanol and the plastic fuel tank expanding. Read about people having problems refitting them.

Not sure if this is a real problem or not though.

Conrad - thanks but unfortunately I am not looking for a project…

Dunmac - agreed, the CBR does represent the best “workhorse” reliability for my commuting

NumNum - good to know, Falco may not be a bad shout after all! But CBR would be far cheaper insurance hence still in there as the main contender

I’ll have a look at the link you sent from home.

It’s not a project! Rides fine, 12 months tax and MOT etc…

The gear box problem on the Thundercat is well reported, in reality there aren’t that many about. I’m on my second 'Cat - first one is still going strong but I decided at 100 000 miles I’d let someone have it as a project for his son.

Depending on how you ride, I’ll get 180-200 miles before the light comes on.

Header pipes tend to rot, the rear shock apparently isn’t great - I put a progressive uprated spring on mine and still have the 100k+ shocker on mine (moved it over). The headlight is shocking, if you doing unlit road riding you won’t be happy. Those the bad bits, I very happy with mine.

Should find a decent one around £1500, insurance is low …

Hi Steve

Agreed - insurance on the Thundercat is great, its nearly half than what I pay on the BMW at the moment in London. As soon as the Beemer sells I will be looking for the new toy

Conrad thanks for the offer but I’m looking for a sporty and comfy bike, the 636 is a bit too focused for me.

Thanks Nando

That’s cool mate, no worries.

The a1p isn’t far off from the cbr600 or the thundercat… Mine is very comfy, done 950 miles in a day on it. As you said you’re after something sporty I’d certainly advise you to check out the older ninjas, models up until 2003. After that they became a lot more focused, race style bikes. The Falco is more powerful and focused than my bike.

Have you thought about the VFR? Or the mk1/mk2 Fazer? Semi-faired Hornet?

Hi Conrad,

I will have a look at the ones you mentioned.

Will wait and see what happens with the sale of my current bike first!

I think that I will give it a month and if it doesn’t go, I will put it on eBay