Selling a bike to someone overseas.

Hopefully you can offer some useful advice.

I am hopefully in the process of selling my bike to a guy from Sweden. I have no reason not to trust him and speaking to him on the phone he seems very genuine.

Its not like one of these ebay things where i am supposed to be shipping the bike etc. the guy will actually come accross and collect it himself. His reasons for buying a bike in the UK are because of the cost effectivness as Bike racing isn’t as large in the Sweden as here. To build up a race bike over there would cost more than to buy one already build and take it back in a van.

My question is, how woul di go about receiving a safe and secure payment?, i trust the guy but in todays day and ages i want to be fully covered just in case.

I will write up a sale contract etc, does anyone have any other useful advice?



no idea mate but i would definiitely make sure that i received the money before i gave the keys away…

and just to make sure he is commited i would ask for a deposit! little things like that that prove their commitment and that their interest is the genuine article…

other than that… anything written down and signed is a contract and is legally binding as long as it is witnessed by a third party… just make sure ur covered… and change over the registration details asap so that if he does get caught doing naughty things he cant pin it to you!

thats what i would do…

i would only accept cash on collection for anything that is being picked up.

you would need to fill in the relevent parts of the V5 registration document and send it over to DVLA. ask your buyer to bring along his drivers licence and write all the details down seperately (not just on the log book) in case of any queries later on.

matt, cash on collection is a safe bet, tell bjorn’ to change some euros into sterling on the boat.

Def cash on colection mate, even if a test ride is needed make sure you get the cash in your hand first, nothing else to think about.

Depending on the amount of money were talking about here cash on colection could be ok, but would you carry £7000 in euros to Sweden to buying a bike?. If it were the other way round how would you get the money to him? What about asking for 50% of the cash to be transfered to your account the week he’s coming to pick it up. How long will he be in the country? Will he be here long enough to transfer the cash while he’s here. You could ask for a bankers draft, and call the bank to verify the draft number. You could contact your bank and ask for there advice. I think paypal might offer an escrow service, where a 3rd party would hold the funds and release then to you once every one is happy. Hope it goes smooth.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone, all very useful.

My next move is going to be talking to the bank and see what they recommend.

Hopefully a sale will be possible and run smoothly so i can crack on with next years racing plans!

Cheers again