Sell your pillion seat...

So with the Underground strike seemingly going ahead tonight, surely some enterprising individuals could offer a ride on the back of their bike to the highest bidder!?

I’ve already had a phone call from a mate asking if he can get a lift on the back of my bike. Unfortunately for him, I’ve taken the pillion pegs off my bike and I didn’t bother getting pillion cover when I renewed my insurance.

No but they can sit in my van while i sit stationary in traffic trying to do my courier rounds GRRR :wink:

should I call in sick and stick a ‘taxi’ sticker on the bike??

Well it’s a better idea than sticking a sign saying “RMT OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE” on it.

You can if you have the ness Hire & Reward insurance cover:P As soon as you start taking money your insurance will be invalid…