Selfless plug and a (brief) introduction!

Hi there

I’m a London biker (first and only bike Yamaha R6, 2005, ridden for 4 years now, purchased as I moved jobs and lost my company car!) but recently had to go through the unfortunate experience of buying a car. I say unfortunate just because of the sheer expense of insurance when comparing that to my motorcycle … !

Anyway, I had a pretty poor experience when purchasing my car so I set up I’ve encouraged lots of my biker friends to add ratings and we have quiet a few now. There are ratings ranging from Essential Rubber, The Cavalry all the way to where I bought my motorcycle in High Wycombe.

It would be great if you could share your experiences and add a rating of your own as I’m hoping this will serve as a good guide to help us find the right company for our vehicles - be that a car, motorcycle or anything else you can think of!

Thanks for reading this far!