Self Inflicted Brown Trousers Moment

I had a SIBTM this morning - Coming out of my place today, turning left onto a dual carriageway. Plenty of space for me to get out into lane 1, gave it some stick and wooooh out went the back in a big way. I dunno how I caught it, think I steered into it and clutched in a bit, then tore off up the road pretending like I meant it to happen :wink:

Brown trousers moment for Red, could have been worse, moral of the story is go carefull on cold tyres :slight_smile:


Been back to observe the road, theres a fecking deisel spill there. I didnt think I wellied it that much, so amended moral, watch out for diesel at junctions :wink: )

sounds like my trick on the A1306 the other day in the rain.

I think it must’ve looked awesome but I needed to change my pants when I got to work:P

Phew, nice save dude. I did exactly the same thing at the weekend. However there was no diesel spill, just damp road. Just like you I saved it, gave it some stick and tried to pose my way out of it !! Nearly s**t myself though !!!

lmao… you guys are so entertaining, this sick leave thing is getting less of a burden the more I read these threads. I thought I was the only plum on two wheels. You guys are great.

Well kept dude. Also, like the style out as well !!! :smiley:

It always means to happen !!!:cool: