Self Healing Tyres?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if, after removing a nail/screw/object from you tyre, it just sealed itself up:

You could try Ultraseal:)

Damm Zeus, I was just about to post that up… ! Mega idea… BUT, if you stack up loads of tyres in a pile, what’s to stop them sticking together… great for trackside barriers… rubbish for the bloke who sells tyres… Hmm I’ve got 8 Pirelli corsa’s you can have…in one big lump, :slight_smile:

Can’t see this ever being an option for tyres. The only mention of punctures is on a compression seal which is the exact opposite to the internal pressure imposed on a tyre:cool:

er, put a sheet of paper between em? :hehe:

I can picture the London bike bay parking now, rows of bikes stuck to each other “Yes, RAC, could you please recover me, my bike is stuck to a scooter…” :w00t:

Someone got out of the clever side of the bed this mornin! :smiley: