Seen a white van in Leytonstone area with a missing/smashed windscreen?

On the off chance someone might have seen a white van driving around the Leytonstone area with no/smashed windscreen early morning on the 25th August…

The victim left in a pool of blood is my mate’s dad.

Blimey! … effin scrotes

Damn, that’s bad. I hope the dad is gonna be alright after all this. I live a bit further down towards Stratford but haven’t seen anything unfortunately. Will keep an eye out.

Will keep an eye out as that’s my patch at work


that is disgusting!

I hope they catch them and cage them!

Thanks guys, apparently he’s on the mend but no word as yet on the valued members of society who put him in the hospital.

Glad to here he is on the Mend. Fingers crossed they catch them