Seeking West Sussex Girl Bikers for rideouts!

Hi girls

I have been riding two years on a Suzuki 650f and now progressed to a Suzuki GSXR600 Srad. I have male friends who have bikes, however, would love to meet up with some girls who ride for days out!!

Anyone interested? Would be good to hear from you all.


There are quite a few of us girlies on LB, I’m sure you will meet loads, just get on to one of the organised ride outs :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting you! :cool:

Yes sure. I am busy Easter weekend, but riding out the weekend after. Plus, plenty of rides on the rideout section advertised too - so you will have plenty of chance to meet some fellow ladies:)

Isn’t there a girl only forum…

welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks all, nice to be welcomed so warmly. Will keep an eye out for meets, look forward to it.

Hello and welcome to LB:D


Is there a pattern emerging here:rolleyes:

If you say so.:smiley:

Hi & welcome to the community.

Firstly, it would be very helpful if you could post a picture of yourself and your pride and joy in the pinned thread “Newbie Face/Bike Photo Sheet” at the top of the newbie forum, this will help the community recognise you at meets and of course ride-outs.

LB has a regular Wednesday night meet at Borough Market (BM) where we hope you’ll come down and meet like minded members.

Also on a Wednesday night you’ll find LB members at the Ace Café and Blackheath Tea Hut

If ride-outs are your thing then check out the Ride-Outs, Meets & Events section of the forum where members post regular ride outs.

So get posting and enjoy your new playground.

I haed down to Sussex a lot my parents are not far from Hastings if you fancy coming over to the East side :wink: I’m down over the easter weekend drop me a line if you fancy a bimble!

Plum X

Welcome :slight_smile:

Ha ha, and we can perv :stuck_out_tongue:

hi and welcome to lb