Seeking a "wasp"

Anyone know how I can find the Leather Lady in question?

My gut finally won the battle of Leather Valley and the Zip was teh biggest casualty. I need an expert in putting a fat man back into a jacket reparir kind of Waspy thingy…


Wasp you out there?

ring her

Buzz her

Go to Camden
Then go to black rose
Then buy a corset one with out the frilly stuff
Bingo you can still fit in the old leathers

Have PM’d you with her email address.

she dont do lb much or any these days on facebook though

Anything to challenge this !

stan the leather man!

i’m sure he is still around, and hes in london, google him i had a card of his with his number, i will have a look for it, does a proper job;)

That looks like me from my slimmer days…

i bet that ZX12 looks slow with him on it:w00t: looks like it was taken at ‘The Ring’

What’s the bet he’s added some small carbon bits to ‘save weight’… :smiley:

:laugh: would it really make any difference:blink: hes a big boy:D

Christmas was good but no that good… that boy is German THROUGH AND THROUGH… no one does a proper gut like ze Germans!

Toby if you get hold of Wasp I live very near her and I work in Southwark - so happy to courier stuff about for you…

True, but a heard of cows died in the making of that suit :smiley:

Rusty, zay went to zere graves wiz honour, keeping anozer biker safe!

Cars cos you have to, bikes cos you want to!

Jeez at my age I can barely handle the woman I’ve got without going looking for another…