Seeking a beaten-up Triumph Bonneville to star in a play

Hi! I am staging the play ‘Garage’ at the Yard Theatre in March, as part of the New Nordics Festival. As part of the set, we are in urgent need of a beaten-up Triumph Bonneville, which the two mechanics in the play are working on as a passion project. We are looking to hire for the week of 16th March, and can pick up and return the bike. Can anyone help us out? We are looking for a bike in a sorry state, and will take extremely good care of it.

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I can offer you a beaten up GTR1400 to fix if you require? To add authenticity to the acting, please tell your mechanics to fix the fuel pump and leaking valve cover gasket. If they could also shim the valves while they are at it that would be greatly appreciated. I can offer this free of charge, of course!

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Hi slow-ride! Thanks for the brilliant offer. For the mo, we are are focussed on getting hold of the Bonnie, but if we have to look for another option, I would love to get back to you on this one!

Jokes aside, this is a very helpful forum and I’m sure someone will be by to help if they can

My only suggestion is reaching out to garages to see if they’ll loan you a bike in return for advertising space in your programme. I know they are a bit of a distance away but send DK Motorcycles a message, they stock a huge number of project bikes and probably have the scale to have one sat around unsold but creating noise for them. They are a great bunch and I actually bought my bike off them as a small project in December.

You may have to widen your search to old bikes that aren’t bonnies. I know it’s probably in your script but let’s be honest, your audience won’t know the difference


Try Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club (TOMCC)

Don’t be asking for a ‘beaten-up Triumph Bonneville’ thats no way to be describing someones pride and joy. Ask for a Meriden Triumph Twin. That will include other Triumph twin cylinder models such as the Speed Twin, Thunderbird, Trophy, Tiger etc but neither you or your audience would be any wiser. Meriden Triumphs were produced in Triumphs Meriden factory from 1942 to around the mid 1970’s after the Coventry factory was destroyed by the Luftwaffe in 1941.

The icing on the cake would be 1969 Triumph T120 Bonneville

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