see this?

nice but there’s one figure missing… charging time! :smiley:

Well on another page there’s: After just a few hours, the motorcycle is ready for another great day’s of riding with a full charge.

So this would fair pretty badly on a jetstream ride!

But the design looks great and it’s good to see things progressing in the evolution of this technology… :slight_smile:

futuristic, but ridiculous

I think the tank and rear end look terrible.

Considering the departure from a normal petrol engine, it is inevitable, but I think they would have had more sales by simply making it look like a good sports bike R1, GSXR, ZXR, something sleek.

Making it stand out, may be appealing to some, but I think the vast majority of people don’t want to ride a stupid looking bike just so they can say…ohhh it’s electric.

Would rather stroll up on a nice looking bike, silently, and answer that question.

I saw one a couple of months ago, actually looked good when you are riding it and the torque looked incredible, it just pulls off.

electric motor = maximum torque at zero rpm


specs are very similar, but this may prove to be a more viable ‘look’. there is a test and reveiw in one of this month bike mags about it, reasonably favorable too. MSL I think.

I like the new technology but bothered by what some may consider to be a minor point. These things are near silent and riding in in town I get enough pedestrian tw4ts walking infront of me because the did not notice me in on my Triumph as is. It’d be carnage if bikes were completely silent.

I have a theory that electric bikes will be manufactured as noisy. Like digital cameras that still make a shutter clicking noise.

aren’t they already engineering this into some electric cars? doesn’t the pious, sorry prius do something like that with the newer models?

Yeah - as a safety feature electric cars and bikes in the future will make noises linked to the action of the accelrator/throttle that mimic the sound of a petrol engine that you can download like mobile ringtones.

You could have anything from a simulated ferrari v8 if it’s a car, to a petrol litre bike with a loud can sound if it’s a bike - or maybe even a tune like the magic roundabout or something . . .

I call dibs on having ivor the engine noises!