i´m just about to buy my new bike and started to take a look to some security features that i will have to buy.
The place that the bike will be parked overnight will be like this:

I have been looking for some chains from almax and/or protector.
Also been seing some disk locks. maybe or maybe not an alarm.
Already have a cover for the bike.
Also not seen in the image from the other side of the road there´s a CCTV camera.

What else should a take a look or take into account?

And one of my questions is to be able to lock it to the frame how much lenght should be the chain?? (bike is a ktm duke 125/200)

Thanks for all the help that you can give me people.


what bike are you getting?

Even with covers - I had mine removed, even with padlocks to hold down - by thieves who stole my exhaust when they could not steal the bike.

Best not to get a flashy or sports bike. If you get a slow or ugly cruiser, no one will touch it.

That building block looks scary for security. Maybe post a note on the other bikers bikes and see if they will all agree to do a massive loop chain system (chaining each others’ bikes to each other’s locks) and invest in side anchors too. After that, a wooden roof shelter to stop rain. Then, wooden sides, and then almost finally, a locked wooden door like a garage. Then you can start to brick it up from the inside so that the wood cladding doesn’t give it away. Hey presto.

I strap a big dildo onto my seat facing upwards when I park my bike. That way anyone that wants to steal it gets a nice rubber shaft up the bum.

Seriously though it’s good to hear you’re getting serious about security. Loads of peoeget their bikes nicked then whine about it even though they had no security.

Go for a cover and 2 chains. 2 chains makes it twice as hard to steal.

Also consider getting a tracking device fitted. This will allow you to track the location of the bike of it does go missing.

The model of bike you have is going to be rather tempting for the local kids to joyride, so look after it!

That’s two new words I’ve had to look up in one post.

Look for someone letting a garage nearby.
Ask your prospective neighbours, the local council or look online.

Sorry, stupid iPhone operated by stupid hands etc…

Thanks for all the replys guys…

I´ve looked already and couldb´t find any garages near to let…

I was planning to get two chains. One to leave in there all the time and another one to take with me on the move.
So for example one 16mm and another 13mm chain. When parked there overnight i would leave the both chains n use.

So for a KTM Duke 125/200 how much lenght should i buy in order to be able to secure the bike to the frame as well? So if you look in the picture above you´ll see that there´s like a bar secured on the ground for you to put the chain. So i would put one in there trought the rear wheel and to the frame. Is that ok?

To be honest i have been living here for more than a year now and never seen/heard of any problems so far… but of course you´ll never know so that´s why i want to do things properly so if in case anything happens, at least i tried my best to prevent it.


What do you mean ‘KTM125/200’?

It´s the KTM Duke. The size is the same in the 125cc as in the 200cc.

Just like this one. (this is not mine. just random pic from the web)

I bought two Almax chains (and Squire lock) from someone who used to wrap the 2m one around the bike (over the seat, under the fairing) and then interlock a 1.5m one into a ground anchor. Both were 16mm diameter chains (remember about the weakest link).
His bike was going nowhere in a hurry (except when I bought it :wink: ).

All that security was very cumbersome, but totally worth it and would deter all but the most dedicated of thieves.
I still don’t like the sound of a shiny new Duke sitting in plain sight like that.

Didn’t know they did a 200… So you got the 125 or the 200?

Not bought yet… Going on holiday and will buy when come back in september.

Probably will go for the 125cc as i have EC licence for A1. And they are offering 0% finance on the 125ccc… And no… i´m not a teenager :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh don´t tell me that mate… i´ve been delaying to buy bike for near two years now… :blink:

I guess i just have to do what i can to protect it and then hope for the best…

Don’t get me wrong.
I really hope nothing happens.

Muito suerte e naum deixa los bichos se pegan.
Or something like that.

marcof (20/08/2012)

Hello and welcome, any security is better than none. Disk locks only take a second to put on and with a good chain it’s about as good as you could get without chaining a big dog to your bike lol :slight_smile:
All the best John

I used to live in a block like that, a long time ago, and
yes my bike got nicked. They forced the ignition with
a big screw driver and broke the steering lock. The
police recovered it the same night.

I fitted two extra engine cut out switches one on the
bottom of the headlight and one on the frame just
under the edge of the tank. Neither of the extra switches
were marked.

That bike never got nicked again.

The small rail behind the bikes doesn’t look very substantial (maybe just timber?). The tall fence near the footpath would let you put a chain through each wheel if you’re allowed to park next to it. If you can’t physically chain it to something then I don’t think a chain has any real benefit over a disc lock.

Also, it’s worth considering a 14mm diameter chain rather than a 13mm - the extra millimetre really makes a difference to how easy it is to use bolt croppers. I think Squire do a 14mm chain, I’m sure there are others.


thanks for all the help and all the comments/sugestions.

The small rail is not huge however is quite long. So even if they are able to rip it off from the groung theres a long way for being able to take the chains off.

About the fence i don´t think i´m able to chain to it as it´s over the motorcycle bay… :crying:

About the chains after loonking some more i came out with this:

Any ideias about the lenght i should get? I was thinking 1.5m for the 19mm and 1m for the 14mm.


If you can get get your rear wheel tight up against the rail, you can get away with the smallest available lenth of chain ( I guess that’s 1m) - you don’t want a load of spare chain lying on the ground anyway.

Bear in mind that a 19mm chain is massive - might even be too big to get through the wheel of some bikes.

I got my chain from PJB security and they were very helpful about measuring things for me so I could check it would work before I bought.

Allright…l so what you say if i get like a 19mm 0.8m and a 14mm 1m or instead of the 14mmi can get a 16mm 0.8m.

So when i park in there i can attach both chains and go trough the rear tire and to the frame as well.:exclamationmark: