Hello its been a long time, but i finally have something to talk about, or more a question to ask.
Buying a new bike ( at last :w00t: ) and i will be chaining it to my old bike.
Been looking at what to buy and think i will go for an Almax series 4 but not sure what lenght to go for any suggestions :D:D ?

yep yep yep almax is the way to go:cool: i got the 2.5m chain:w00t:

In general, the shortest length you can, gives the thieving buggers less to work with.

If you can work out how much chain you need to secure your old bike to your new one, I guess you have your answer.

If you ring Almax, speak to Alex there and he will be only too happy to advise you on this. He is extremely helpful and he gives an honest opinion.

0191 264 2748 / 2773 :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter a lot. The trick is to leave the bast*rds nothing easy to work on.

Just make sure the critical bit, bike to bike , is as tight as possible with nothing on the ground.

Doesn’t matter about the left over length on the floor, it’s not doing anything.

Thanks for the words of advise peeps, need to get my mate over to lend me his bike so i can chain my old 1 to, he was supposed to help me with this yesturday but he is a lazy arse, yes you know who you are :stuck_out_tongue: but one says get the longest length some one else says get the shortest possible? i thought that only the lock must not be on the ground or does this also apply to the chain aswell?

i told ya 1.5m!! lazy…whatever…:stuck_out_tongue:

My Almax is 1.5m, just long enough to go through the ground anchor, the back wheel & swingarm