Hi All,

As a newbie to riding please could you lovely LB peeps give me some advise on what I can do to properly lock and secure my bike from nasty teenage chavs who are looking to pinch my little CBR.

I bought an Oxford disc lock (only a fiver through an MCN deal) and went to lock up the bike happy in the knowledge she’ll be secure… only to discover the discs are too wide for the lock. It won’t even fit into the holes in the disc. Do disc-locks come in different sizes? Should I trust carrying a chain with me? But what if someone cuts through it!!!

Not having any proper security is stopping me from taking her out for a long ride in case I want to stop off somewhere I’d be too paranoid to leave her.

Any suggestions?


I’d give BabyJ a shout at Infinity on Great Portland street… those Oxford disk locks are a bit on the shabby side and any theif could snap it with a biro! :slight_smile:

BabyJ will tell you about Abus locks… they are rather good…

Only other thing I can suggest is a decent bike cover and a ground lock if you can…

Charley will also be able to give you some points re alarms and such - he knows his stuff :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.


Thanks Matt. She’s locked away in a garage very night but it’s if I ever want to take her to work I’d be happier knowing she’s locked up. She is alarmed as well - maybe I’m being over protective.

BTW - I’ve been pestering Marketing about contacting you about you know what. I won’t give up - her desk is opposite mine

yay! Just need the graphics and we’re away.


I’ve got a mundo Squire thing thang that came off the QEII which seems to do the trick.

BabyJ is your man, but don’t take your wallet coz he’ll sell you the shop

abus are not rather good. they are rather expensive and rather easy to bolt crop

they are however prob the better of the more portable chains if you’ve got deep pockets.

ahhh… well… actually… Abus are rather good - ask BabyJ about the factory and all the almax chains they had there cut in half… they just don’t go in for the shock tactics…

now… Abus are good because you know what you’re buying before you hand your money over - they use a universal numbering system starting at 1 and going up that tells you exactly how strong it is. So if you buy a 4 then you’ll know it’ll stop the casual passer-by but be of no use against a proper theif - if you buy a 30 then you know it’ll withstand a VERY heavy battering from VERY determined thiefs… and yes… you have to pay for the priviallge… and yes, eventually - like all chains it will give way.

There is a reason that Albus is used by the F1 teams to lock their gear up, not to mention all the top hotels and anyone who take security seriously.

What I like about them is that they just get on with it - no need to post up internet videos showing them cutting other peoples chains up… they’re just good :slight_smile:

My opinion only of course…


aware of the ratings fella - i own the granite extreme amongst other chains

however, seen it bolt cropped in front of me in about 5-10 seconds. can’t say i was all that chuffed for £180 it cost me

Yeah I felt the same after a similar priced chain was sliced in front of me too… it’s just the fact that all chains are going to get cut through - and we all know that the determined thief is going to get the bike if he really wants it !

Didn’t I read something on here a while ago where someone got a bike out of a locked garage - it was alarmed, had an almax chain and a ground anchor - and they still got it whilst the person slept above - amazing!

I stick with the theory my bike is pig ugly!


Well that’s made me feel a whole lot better

lol… sorry!

The important thing is that you deter as many people as you can - it’s only the ‘elite’ theifs who’ll get throuh this stuff… :slight_smile:


I think we all have to accept that a very determined thief will get the bike. However, by making it as difficult as possible, hopefully it will deter them and they’ll move on to an easier challenge.

If you’re really concerned, speak to Charlie about getting a tracker fitted. Expensive but it will give you piece of mind.

Definitely get a stronger disc lock, the abus ones are really good.

yeah, think that was ride mag

mate they’d get a hernia lifting your machine

yep ginger pixie, its a bit of a git. a lot of expensive security devices aren’t as hard as you’d think for them to get around (just dont lose your keys tho!)

the best suggestion is to create layers of security (physical and electronic) and physically chain it to something immobile through a fixed part of the bike (not the wheels, and make sure you always use the chain, and always secure it in a way that gives the thief the least access to get at it). if you can, keep it parked up out of sight, and if its in the street use a cover.

or…park it next to lots of far more nickable/higher value bikes. now what can i park my r1 next too…anyone want to park their MV collection by my bike??

I look out for your bike to park next to… who would want mine!?


There’s only one thing for it… handcuff yourself to your bike

that’s what i do with my girlfriend. less of a deterrent, more of an incentive…

The more locks and chains the beter, especially at home where it is parked most, alone, in the dark, at night. (oo-er)

Get an alarm fitted; Datatool 3 seems to work well on my partner’s 'Blade.

The REAL object of security on YOUR bike is to make it too hard to steal, so they will go round the corner and nick an easier one.

An alarm, two disc locks and a chain - hopefully to a ground anchor / street lamp / tree will do the job; Disc locks alarms - like the Oxford Boss are great.

ANY chain can be cut, trust me, so a mixture of all three systems is the way to go.

Ok, firstly we need to check out this video clip (I’m the fat bloke BTW) Loads of Sold Secure chains getting pwned. This is what a 16/19mm chain does to croppers.

The video was made in the presence of 2 independent witnesses so no trickery going on. The clip was also witnessed by The Rider’s Digest Martin and there’s an article on in in this months TRD.

For the record, EVERY 13mm chain (Motrax/English Chain included) can be cropped and obviously everything below 13mm. Seeing as cropping has been verified by various plod contacts that I have as the most popular method of theft, it would make sense to buy a chain/padlock combo that is cropper PROOF, NOT resistant. The best 13mm chain/lock is the Squire SC4, next is the PJB Titan but it has a crappy lock on it. If you want to force the thief to use noisy power tools then you have to go big, it’s a simply as that. I test Almax’s chains for them (voluntary service) and in the course of my hobby have destroyed pretty much every so-called security chain on the market. In the whole they are cheap, nasty, poorly made and massively over priced considering the measly amount of time they resist croppers for.

Sorry sunshine but that is nonsense of the highest order. I’ll put £100 going to a children’s charity that NO ONE can crop an Almax using bolt croppers. I’d like to see an Abus rep crop an Almax in front of me. There’s a reason why I haven’t yet been taken to court for publicly exposing Abus/Oxford/Kraptonite, it’s because it’s the truth and they haven’t a leg to stand on.

Last 3 pictures are an ABUS padlock, that’s how great they are, took me less than half a minute.

I’m American so the only metal I guard my bike with is this:

For some reason no one has ever stolen any of my bikes.